Our Village

As many of you know, we've had a lot to deal with this week. Added to the normal work, and house project, and community activism, and last week of summer issues, our dog Geronimo is very ill, and we're treating him and not sure he'll make it.

Luckily, our friends and family have really helped. Our neighbors had us over for dinner (and margaritas!) over the weekend. My book club host gave us some yummy garden produce. Our friend and temporary roommate Sarah gave us her malt coupon from the State Fair coupon book. Our friends Julio and Jeaneth invited us to a "Frozen" viewing party, and then had Beatrix over yesterday for games and dinner, so we could get some things done. And today, my father took Beatrix down to the History Center for the morning, to which he reports "Being a grandfather is the best thing in my life!"

So thank you all (and so many more) — it truly takes a village, and we are very fortunate to be so supported!

ETA: And while I was typing this, someone refilled our pathetically bare Little Free Library as well!


Lovely post. Thank you.

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