Here I Am, At Camp Granada...

Beatrix's Montessori school was a full-year program, so this was the first year I dealt with summer camps for her. By mid-spring I was in full camp mode, with brochures spread out around me and color-coded schedules everywhere.  Now, in late August, I have the rare feeling of feeling like the rockstar mom, because Beatrix absolutely loved every camp she went to. They were:

YMCA Camp Daycroix - 3 weeks of traditional camp experience in Hudson (there was a bus).

Science Museum Camp Warner - the Science Museum has a nature center in Marine, where she tracked animals for the week.

Circus Camp at Circus Juventas

Australia/New Zealand camp at Artstart - 2 weeks at a great cultural camp, where she did everything from dance to felting.

Gibbs Farm Camp - this seems to be the favorite of little girls everywhere, and Beatrix was no exception.

Summer Blast at Edgecumbe Rec - the free afternoon program we used to fill in where we had some open spots.

Dance Camp - with Miss Amy at Community Ed.

Camp Curie - another Science Museum camp (held at St. Kate's), focusing on science for girls.

Music Theater Camp - another community ed camp, happening next week, half days.

It was a lot of different experiences, but that allowed us to cobble together some scholarship opportunities and discounts that really allowed all this to happen, and I think she liked the variety. There're were some periods in the middle (where were on vacation or whatever) where there were some open spots, and the half day camps, paired with Edgecumbe, were do-able but a little frenetic. We had originally felt there would not be enough just hanging around time, but at 6.5, Beatrix is too young to "hang around" much, so those days were actually harder.

We'll see next year, but it will probably be a variation on this year, and that feels pretty good!


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