Amelia Island

I've been to many (but perhaps not enough!) of the great beaches of the world. But for my money, there's no better beach in the world than the one at Amelia Island, Florida. It has a real spot in my heart; my mom used to go down every March, and it holds so many special memories for me.

In the past, my mom always rented the same house (which of course we looked for!), but this time we stayed at the Seaside Amelia Inn, which was a lovely place right on North Beach. They were wonderful, very detail-oriented (cooked to order breakfast, fresh flowers, etc.), and right on the beach with beach chair and umbrellas and everything. They also had cable in our 2-room suite, which we thought we would be excited to watch and turned out to be the so terrible (Tiny House Hunters: Columbus, anyone?)

Beatrix headed into the water as soon as we got there. She was not going to let some boy go farther out than she did:

That first night we looked for dinner too late and ended up at The Marina for dinner; not a mistake we'll make again. Good company though!

The next morning, we spent at our beach, before lunch at Sliders (tiki drinks for Patrick and me!) and sharks tooth hunting at that beach. I think I actually found one!

Then we found Pippi Longstocking's house, and wandered around town, before dinner at Timoti's (obviously a crowd favorite).

It was cloudy the next morning, so it looked more like an indoor day. First, though, we went to Peter's Point, which we had all to ourselves. It was beautiful!

Turned out to be a great beach day after all. We even got lunch at the Salty Pelican, the new crowd favorite (how we could eat so much after those big breakfasts is beyond me).

Drinks at 801 Beech (used to be The Beech Street, one of my mom's favorites, not quite up to par now, but still nice for drinks.)

Then dinner at the Patio Cafe; the crepes were ok, but the lovely patio, with some earnest folk singers and a lot of lizards running around, was lovely.

One more stolen half hour at the beach and a quick carriage ride tour, and out Amelia Island visit was over. It's SO lovely there and I still miss it.

ETA:  Oh, and especially for Elaine — we went to Barbara Jean's for dessert TWICE and had "chocolate stuff" each time (plus cobbler) — yum!


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