Tonight, after picking up Beatrix from EDL, we decided to hit "Spring Fling" events on Selby.

When I first bought my house in the early 90s, Selby had a seriously bad rap. It was full of boarded up storefronts and dilapidated houses. Not dangerous (though many assumed it was), but not nice either.

It quickly picked up. I remember when both corners of Selby and Dale were empty lots, and Allan Mathewson (the new GM of Mississippi Market) and I spent days on end counting cars to try to convince the shareholders to brings a co-op to that site. I feel like I have an intense, personal relationship with every business that's gone in from Dale to the Cathedral.

It's been a little slower going in the section between Dale and Lexington, but tonight we hit the BRAND newly-open J. Selby's, and it was wonderful. Beatrix pronounced it the "best PBJ ever" (thanks to Brogan's family for showing her she likes PBJs!), Patrick loved his meat-less burger, and my beet burger was delicious (though it could use a slight ramping up in spice and the fries would use a little longer in the vat). Cold beer, a lovely atmosphere, and the friendliest servers ever. We'll be back — ALL the time.

After that we hot a few stores in the Selby/Snelling area for their "spring fling." I got to introduce Patrick to Vibrant, a store I really love near Pizza Luce (and picked up an adorable dress). It's one of those stores where you walk in and love everything there. We hit a few other stores  little further down: Patina, Martha's Garden (so lovely smelling!), Lula (great Hawaiian shirts!), Flirt, and of course Up6, where we got to chat to Megan for awhile. She's got quite the rack of t-shirts right now, definitely worth checking out!

Selby has really come into its own, and it was a lot of fun to revel in that tonight.


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