Vibrant India

When I used to travel to Hong Kong often, we would always stay in Chung King Mansions, an incredible rabbit warren of guesthouses, shops, restaurants and apartments on Nathan Road on the Kowloon side. Definitely the cheapest backpacker accommodations in the city, these rooms looked out over some of the nicest real estate in the city (when you could get an outside view), and by trial and error, you could establish a relationship with remarkably nice places to stay (it's the error part that got you in trouble).

In the B-block were some of the best Indian restaurants I've been to in my life. After queuing up for the lifts (an adventure in its own right) you would eventually come to a floor where several of the restaurants felt like you actually were in India. For less than $2-3, you could stuff yourself on amazingly authentic, delicious Indian food. Just be sure to drink a lot of water.

I have not come close to replicating that here. There are a few Indian places nearby, but nothing with the same ambiance (and certainly not the prices).

So I was super-excited to try out Vibrant India, chock full of vegetarian Indian recipes. The pictures are exotically beautiful, and it is chock-ful of healthy, delicious-sounding recipes. Beatrix is especially excited about the rice dishes, while Patrick and I have liked some of the spicier ones, especially the lentil dishes.

Face it, I may not ever again experience those delicious samosas on Nathan Road. But at least this book gets me one step closer.

(as usual, book provided free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an unbiased review)


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