For the second part of spring break, we hit a place I've been to a few times but Patrick and Beatrix had not — Savannah, Georgia!

Our AirBnB "Stella Blue" was in an adorable part of town called "Starland" (aka the "Victorian District" when that was considered a bad area). We LOVED the area — the cool shops and restaurants, the co-op art supply place just behind our place, the delicious "Back In the Day" coffeeshop (I really want one of their cookbooks now), the great antique and vintage stores, the cool houses and people-watching. We would have had a great vacation just staying there!

But instead, we did Savannah to its finest:

-  Hit the River area and had lunch at a french cafe. Assiduously skipped the Lady and Sons because she's racist

-  Walked around various squares, checking out the "haunted" Hamilton-Turner hotel, the Mercer house, the Juliet Gordon Lowe house and the Andrew Lowe house where the Girl Scouts started.

-  Explored even more by taking a lovely carriage ride.

-  Hit the (windy) beach at Tybee, and had lunch and fed 'gators at the Crab Shack.

-  Walked around Bonaventure Cemetery. Had to text a friend in the middle to find out why rocks were piled on headstones in the Jewish section. Beatrix developed a fascination with child headstones.

-  Had perhaps the best meal of my life at The Pink House. Including drinks at the pub downstairs in full piano bar mode, and honestly the best service imaginable. A true Bucket List restaurant.

-  Toured Flannery O'Connor's birthplace, which made quite an impression on Beatrix.

-  Lost out on one ghost tour when the guide did not show up, and had a very upset kid. Got included on another one instead, which turned out to be better than the first one was. That girl loves ghost tours! (this is the balcony where Lafayette spoke!)

-  Shopped at the French Market, the SCAD store, and other fun places.

-  Had delicious chocolate martinis and skillet chocolate chip cookies at Lulu's.

-  Ate lunch at a river cafe outside of town where we decided NOT to wade in the water when we saw water moccasins!


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