Speedy Reviews - Brunson's, Fish Fry, Bottle Rocket (bar)

We're headed out on spring break this afternoon, so after heading to the train wreck-that-is-the-remodeling-of-Midway-Target right now (for Baby Alive diapers, sigh), we needed some lunch before the airport. I had hear good things about Brunson's, a casual place that opened on Payne, so we decided to try it out.

And glad we did! The staff was exceptionally nice, offering Beatrix her choice of crayons or colored pencils for her coloring page (any kid knows how important that is.) Her homemade mac-and-cheese was creamy and good, thought he fruit with it was a slightly browned apple. Still, no melon, which is her indication that the place is really phoning it in in a fruit serving.

My veggie burger was also homemade, with several kids of beans, marinated peppers, and goat cheese. It came with the homemade chips, also fantastic, and washed down with an Indeed Daytripper, it was an excellent start to spring break.

Patrick had the double burger, which he reports was delicious, and the fries, which were less so. Stick with the chips.

All in all, a great casual experience that we very much enjoyed; we'll be back!


In total contrast, last night we ate dinner at the Holy Spirit fish fry. $10 ($5 for kids, or they can get just mac and cheese for $3) gets you a whole plate with 2 pieces of fish, coleslaw, a role, au gratin potatoes, pickles, and dessert — plus wine or beer! The line was long; we waited half and hour in it, even arriving at 5. But we ate with Beatrix's friend Natalie and Izzy and their families, and then headed over for drinks afterwards, so another very enjoyable night. there's something about eating out and knowing it goes to a good cause that feels great.

Late last nigh, I headed over to Bottle Rocket (the bar side) to meet friends after they went to the Lizzo concert. They have a late night happy hour that's pretty fun — 2-4-1 drinks and small plates appetizers (and I do mean "small" plates, as in 3 onion rings in an order). The bar is less successful of a space than the Scusi bar was; in my opinion, the wide marble barter takes up too much space. And the midnight closing is pretty fiercely enforced, with bright lights coming on, leading you to spend too much time talking outside the restaurant. But the company was great, the bar adequate, and again, a perfect kick-off toe Spring Break!


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