5 (+1!) Reasons I Think You Should See "Dancing on the Edge"

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1.  Novi Most is doing some of the best theatre work in this town right now. I really mean it. Not just good work, but amazing, transformative work.

2.  This show is no exception. With a cast of Russian/American/MN/NY performers, it plays only one weekend (September 7-10, at the Southern) here, before going to New York.

3.  It's a world-premiere, so you can say you saw it first.

4.  Lisa Channer, as Isadora Duncan, is not to be missed.

5.  Patrick is on the Novi Most board, and they throw one hell of an opening night party.

6.  We'll likely be there every night because Beatrix got cast in the dance class scene! She is thrilled, and it would mean a lot to her if you came.

For more information on the show, including ticketing, please see: http://theatrenovimost.org


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