Ok, so you've seen a hundred posts of mine on the magic of Circus Juventas.

This is why this one is different.

I've spent  a lot of time at circus this summer. A perfect storm of issues has led to extra time at my job. We headed out to Washington DC for the Wonderland performances (Patrick rigged every one). Beatrix took four classes and circus camp. It's been a very circus-filled summer.

But then an online friend was discussing how she wanted to have fun again. And I thought back to the last time I had the most surprising fun, which was actually seeing the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus (full disclosure, also a client) in DC. (again, I have had a lot of fun times this summer, but this was full-throttle unexpected fun!)

So I went in to Nordrsaga tonight not watching from my office as I usually do, but sitting in real seats, totally giving in to just enjoying being at the circus.

We ran into a friend on the way in, who was seeing CJ for the first time, and the person sitting next to us was also seeing it for the first time and had a lot of questions.

And dammit, if I did not have one of the best performance experiences I have had in a  long time, just seeing it fresh and with new eyes!

I won't ruin it for you by giving anything away. if you can, go get tickets. Give in to the fun. You won't regret it.


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