Well I Made It

I'm now 50. Still wasn't the easiest transition, but as I had joked, "It beats the alternative." And then a friend passed away of pancreatic cancer on Saturday morning, and I woke up to the news on Charlottesville,  and I realized it really DID beat the alternative.

My birthday was lovely. My friend Jennifer's free fabric sale. Brunch at the Hewing and a truly lovely production of Sunday in the Park with George at the Guthrie with Patrick, while Beatrix hung out and learned how to train dogs from our friend Cheryl. A walk around Como Lake. A fantastic dinner for all 3 of us, including Beatrix in a tiara, at the Lex (I joked that between the matinee and the Lex Patrick picked places that made me feel younger). A 10pm Fringe show of the amazing Fourth Wall Ensemble with Fruit Flies Like a Banana. And the next day I got to celebrate with a volunteer event with some awesome people at Second Stork (more on that later). Great calls and texts and emails and FB messages all day.

It really does beat the alternative.

Join us Friday night at the pool for a joint 50th party for Patrick and me!


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