Giving By Phone

I'm in the process of signing up a few clients for Givelify (as an aside, download it and check it out; it's a great way to give to the places you support!) While researching it, though, I found several new ways to donate to various charities by phone, so I checked into them (Here's the link I started from).

Going through the list, some ere easier than others:

Donate a Photo is an app where you can "donate" one photo a day, and Johnson and Johnson donates $1 to a genre of organization you choose (I chose LGBTQ family rights, see the photo here.) It was  little fuzzy to set up, and I am not sure I'll remember every day, but worth a shot. I have not yet installed Tinbox (it's slow to load), but it's a similar once-a-day donation. I'm not sure how much I'll remember to do it, but at least the option's there.

I like the idea of Charity Miles, and the interface is super-easy to use. But I stopped part-way through sign-up, because it appears to need to run all the time to track, and that will be no good for my already-taxed phone battery. I might rethink it, especially of I can get it to run simultaneously with Walk for a Dog. I could use a push for more exercise.

I also like the idea of Feedie (take a photo of your food and share, they donate a meal), but the app seems to be dormant at least in this area — the only MN restaurant I can find closed about 6 years ago.

Other apps that always run in the background, like Give 2 Charity, are out for the same phone battery reason. And I'm not into game apps; even the easy ones that are like years ago going to websites and clicking for free shelter meals or the like.

I'm looking around for other ones. I'd like to harness the habit of easy giving, though not sure if any of these are magic. Do you have any recommendations for ones you use?

PS - what do you think of the new blog look? My old design (from freeware) stopped paying their hosting fees, so I had to change over. Not sure what I think of it yet, or if this will make me leap to Wordpress.


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