Car Talk

Since Patrick has been rigging every circus show, it means that evenings and weekends have been just me and Beatrix, like some kind of low-rent Thelma and Louise. This weekend alone, that meant Target, Noodles and Company, the Ramsey County Library, Whole Foods, Nordrsaga, brunch, Paws on Grand, an Open Eye Theatre puppet show at our friend Maggie and Stephen's, our friend Kevin's birthday party, a new donut shop, Izzy's, and a few other errands. In other words, a lot of time in the car discussing things.

Some of the topics from this afternoon alone:

-  Might all people have super powers like Wonder Woman and they just don't know it until they are tested?
-  Seeing a woman whose hijab blew off and was she concerned people saw her hair, and what was the line between showing your tradition in dress and being sexists because girls have to wear traditional dress and boys don't.
-  Who our secret Hamilton crushes are (don't tell anyone but hers is Leslie Odom Jr.)
-  Why places seem to be running out of baguettes all summer.
-  Is it basically a power trip when someone always expresses that they don't like something that is really popular, or are they trying to be individualistic?
-  The expansion of Warner Nature Center.
-  How does someone know if Bigfoot/the Loch Ness Monster/fairies are real or not?
-  What's the best part of summer?
-  Tacocat.
-  Reborn baby dolls — always reborn baby dolls.
-  Bullet journaling.
-  If Belle is doing ok in her new home.
-  Why kids should not die before their parents (except of they do then they will always be together.)
-  What skills you need to have to be cast in the summer show.
-  Is it better to have a few close friends or a larger group of good friends who are not quite as close? Is the idea of a BFF a myth?
-  It's ok that my staff shirt is printed off center because "the Vikings weren't exactly the best shirt printers anyway."

And much more that I can't remember.

Summers with this kid are awesome.


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