State Fair Sneak Peek

I always try to stop at the Fine Arts building of the State Fair, but it's always so crowded and crazy! Though some years I do skip it, even on purpose, thinking back to the day when my friend Krista and several artists she knew were not accepted and joked about mounting the "It's Not Fair" alternate show at the Saints stadium.

So I was blown away today to find out from my friend Lisa that the opening of the show is totally open to the public! You can just drive on in and attend!

After backpack shopping and cat-sitting, Beatrix and I headed on over. Only one gate was open, at the far north end, and you have to show your driver's license in order to get a "Screened" pass for your dashboard. We did, indeed, just drive on over and saunter in to the Fine Arts building. And though to was crowded, it was nothing like Fair crowded, and everyone was happy and excited to be there!

We saw several people we knew, and great work by even more people we know, and many more that we did not. Beatrix fell in love with a fox sculpture. I was able to talk to friends, and linger in front of some really nice pieces.

The Kiwanis malt booth was open on the way out, so we stopped for one and walked over to look at the new ferris wheel on the north end of the fairgrounds (I've never been on a ferris wheel before but this one tempts me.) And then we took the long way out, driving around and looking at the booths being set up.

I can't believe I've lived 50 years without going to this opening — but now I think we have a new tradition!


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