Mobile Office

In a given week, I may be at over a dozen clients. While it's great that I usually have a designated space at each one, it does mean that, between the clients and my home office, I'm often carrying around a lot of pieces of paper that need to get from one place to the next.

That situation gets exacerbated depending on client capacity. Some clients don't have fax machines. Others don't have scan capability for me. At still others, I end up stalled because I don't have a file folder, or a window envelope, or a plain white envelope. Sometimes I need a stamp. Sometimes I need a power brick for my phone. Sometimes I need to file and there are no folders. Or I don't have a sharpie for labeling, or a pencil. Any of these things can stall me for a full work session, or throw off a schedule, or delay a check getting in the mail that day. It's incredibly frustrating.

So today, I took an adorable hedgehog bag that Elaine Powell had gotten me for Christmas, and filled it with folders, envelopes, stamps, etc. My trusty old tin Alice in Wonderland pencil case got filled up with mechanical pencils I had purchased the other day (ahh, back to school time!). And the whole thing is now in he back corner of my trunk, so I can have it with me whenever I need it.

Sure, it will still mean carrying it in with my already-full bag to every client, or running out to get things. But I am hoping that it will significantly clarify my workflow and make it more efficient.

Next up, an attempt at bullet journaling! Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?


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