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No More "Burns Wood or Coal"

Well, the time finally came — to get a new furnace. This was not your run-of-the-mill home improvement. The furnace in our house was original to it (b. 1886). The house was literally raised around it, with the bottom part of the furnace actually sunk into a pit of firebrick in the basement floor. And really, it was not half bad. The pilot light did tend to go out, especially in the shoulder seasons of fall and spring, resulting in a little manueveur to relight that entailed turning the knob and stepping on it, reaching in, lighting, holding, etc. But it was gravity heat, and there is not much to go wrong with the idea of hot air rising. No moving parts, no filters, etc. But it was time, it really had to go. It was no longer efficient, or really all that safe. It took a team a full day to remove the asbestos wrapped ducts: and then we had to fill in the hole in the basement floor: and then a full week to replace it and put in the new ducts and such. The new furnac

More Great Nights of Various Kinds

We are in the midst of "two weeks without daycare" (Beatrix's care provider is in Great Britain for a wedding), but we did squeeze in a date night the other night — it was the perfect way to get out to some of our favorite places. We had a groupon-like offer for Cafe Maude which we love but never can get to; we still have traumatic memories of going on our anniversary and baby Beatrix fussing the whole time while we took turns walking around carrying her. Last night, with small plates and lovely cocktails, was far nicer. We then headed over to King's Wine Bar for dessert, making it a near-perfect night out. We've had some other good evenings, too. Last week I had a group of lovely ladies over for drinks and chatting. I had forgotten how much I enjoy that. Also discovered thusly that Big House Red is now available in a box and that Big Top Liquors gives out candy (Beatrix now calls it "the sucker store" and asks to go there. Chuck and Solo Vino

Shop Local

It's been a wonderful day of sneaking in local shopping experiences like little easter eggs into my day. Each place has had something remarkable... We were a few minutes early heading to Beatrix's daycare this morning, so we stopped at Bars Bakery , which just opened at Selby and Dale. They were incredibly nice to the twirling toddler, so I decided to send her to daycare with some caramel and cinnamon rolls and take some home for Patrick and me. These rolls are incredible — moist, flavorful, and well worth the price — and it will be all I can do to keep from going there every day. Then my lovely coworkers Afton, Lauren and I stopped at Sweets for their mini-cupcake giveaway this afternoon (something with Bravo's dessert show tonight). The grapefruit and black-and-white cupcakes were little pieces of heaven, as were the Fall Spice and salted caramel French macaroons that Lauren got us. This afternoon, Patrick and I snuck out on a date. Primp is not officially open


I've recently joined the board of Skewed Visions, and could not be more thrilled to be associated with an amazing group of artists who start with the idea of site-specific performance and go beyond to basically create art events that fundamentally change your life. SV has recently wrapped the first year of CUBICLE, site-specific work that you can see on your computer (thus eliminating the need for babysitters, parking, or even clothing). Please come to an event celebrating this first season: Meet artists! Eat best food! Drink fine wine! All episodes will be available on laptop as well as shown projected on the studio wall for Super Sad True Love Cubicle Effect! Friday, September 17 8:00pm until we’re done Skewed Visions Studio Casket Arts Building Studio 209 681 17th Ave NE Minneapolis 55413 It's free, and there will be refreshments, so you really should not miss it. If you decide to just watch all the episodes at home alone, embracing your inner "I," that'