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Thanksgiving Thankfulness

#16 - For Beaujolais Nouveau — fruity and kool-aidy as it is. #17 - For a child who believes in Santa. #18 - For the newspaper. Much as the digital world keeps me up to date, once a week with the Sunday paper is golden. And has coupons. #19 - For sleep. Wish I got more of it. #20 - For all those amenities that we take for granted that others don't — food, water, heat, light, communication. #21 - For our beautiful and gracious home, filled with things we love. #22 - For an incredible Thanksgiving dinner spent with dear dear friends. It meant so much to us.

This Is Why I Love Finance

At a time when even Twinkies aren't sacrosanct, union-busting seems to be at an all-time high. Here are some fascinating posts by Mary Schaefle on the Minnesota Orchestra's accounting, as based on their publicly-released 990 tax forms. Now you see why I find what I do so fascinating!

More Grateful

#9 - For Beatrix's wonderful school, and the world she has there. #10 - For the Winter Street house, as much of a PITA as it is sometimes. #11 - For Krista, and Vote No pumpkin pie! #12 - For the beauty that is Saint Paul, and the people who want to save it. #13 - For free Punch Pizza, on a night it was sorely needed. #14 - For Soup Night and the people that make it fun. #15 - For the amazingness that is Give to the Max Day. Watching the generosity unfold every year humbles me, and watching the reaction from the non-profits is equally touching. Over 15 million dollars donated today, folks!

More Thanks

Because these would be dull if I did them every day. I'm grateful for: #4 - Chocolate. Specifically leftover Halloween candy. Especially when I have not eaten lunch. #5 - Beatrix's music and circus classes. Wonderful communities that give her excellent artistic and collaborative schools. #6 - The election results. #7 -  My kindle, and the ability to read easily and voraciously. #8 - The last bonfire and s'mores of the year with Patrick, Beatrix and Alex tonight.

Truly Protecting Your Vote

I really, truly, hope you go out and vote tomorrow. Even if you and I don't necessarily agree on everything political, our country really only works when everyone participates (see Seth Godin's brilliant blog post from today on that.) But please understand that voting is the brushing your teeth of the political system. It's the bare minimum of participation. In fact, in twenty-three countries worldwide (including Australia), it's compulsory. By contrast, our national turn-out in 2008 was 62%. The people I really respect right now are the ones making things happen. The ones on the phone banks, door-knocking, delivering food to the volunteers, doing midnight lit drops. They're the ones that are really making their "votes count." And even more so, the ones that work between elections. The ones that work in their community, in the schools, in politics, in the arts — in any way they can to make the world a better place. They sit on boards, they teach the

30 Days of Thanks

I'm incredibly thankful. And I am late, but hoping to catch up, even if I don't end up posting every day. Day 1 - I'm thankful for my incredible family. Day 2 - I'm thankful for sweet pets, which may or may not fit under #1. Mimi, Tiger, Geronimo, and even Belle, I am looking at you. Day 3 - I'm thankful for new friends, which may be old friends in disguise. yes, that's you, the W family, but covers a lot more too.