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Sick and Silent

Sorry for the radio silence over here. I've been incredibly sick for over two weeks now, and it's wearing me down. It started with a sore throat and losing my voice on Mother's Day, and generally feeling awful and dizzy and exhausted. It then ebbed and flowed for a few days, getting bad enough for me to cancel meetings and just stay in bed for 36 hours (and I can't remember the last time I did that!) Now the worst is gone, but I've got a terrible cough and still feel very dragged out. No fever though, so no worries about piggy flu! I've tried vitamin D and antibiotics. Patrick has been wonderful about it (he caught it, too, but bounced back more quickly) and trying to get me to take NyQuil when the nights are really bad, but the fact is that Duchess Beatrix does not grant sick days in her employ.

TPaw Just Made Me Buy a Bathing Suit

So I left the Uptake's excellent coverage of the Minnesota budget un-allotment debacle, and checked out what the PiPress had to say. That was uninspiring enough that I actually clicked on a banner ad for a cute swimsuit. Half an hour later I am set for summer pool time but completely confused as to what my governor is thinking. I suppose that puts me with the rest of the state, but in cuter swimwear. Edited - They cancelled my order because they were out of my size. Now it's really the gov's fault!

May Day

And today was the annual HOBT May Day parade. We brought Beatrix last year, but she was too young to get much. This year she LOVED it, watching everything very seriously and intently. Again, I feel lucky to live somewhere that has such great and committed people making wonderful art.


Alan Berks is brilliant. The cast (and crew!) is amazing. I feel very lucky to know people who make such great art. More later. We went to the 331 Club afterwards and now I am beer-sleepy.