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Four Meals and a Beer

One of those weeks where I feel very lucky to live where I do…. On Saturday, Patrick was looking very dapper. and I had a new haircut, and I like to go out and celebrate haircuts. So with some last-minute babysitting help from our friend Sherry, we headed out to dinner at Public , where we had only been previously for drinks. And drinks we had again, lovely, flavorful cocktails. We split a salad, a side, some had-cut lobster tagiatelle, and a lovely little chocolate dessert. We people-watched, and talked about grown-up things. We had some of the best service I have had in a long time. And as we looked out at the beauty of Mears Park, I was thrilled that this place existed in Saint Paul (and even mores, not in Minneapolis, or we would never be able to get a reservation!) I tried that "sampler menu" theory two other nights this week, with my two BFFs (I don't even remember that last time the three of us had dinner together two nights in a row!). Elaine was in town for w