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Our Lady of Peace

After a whirlwind summer of dealing with my dad's S4 lung cancer diagnosis in July, I secured him a bed at Our Lady of Peace Hospice this week. I also set up a Caring Bridge site. Honestly, there's not much more to say about it all. It sucks.

A Quiet Moment

Last night, at the Murphy election night party at Lake Monster, it had gotten late and Patrick and Beatrix decided they had better leave. And they were leaving just as Erin Murphy and Erin Maye Quade were arriving. Patrick gave them hugs and told them to keep their chins up. And then Beatrix gave Erin Murphy a big hug — and Erin leaned over and looked her straight in the eye and said "I BELIEVE in you." And it was quiet for  minute at the edge of the parking lot and then the chants of "Erin, Erin!" started and they walked on to the event and Patrick and Beatrix went home and I stayed and cried. Look, I'll rally and support Walz. He's not a bad guy. Compared to Johnson, he's basically a super-hero. But hear me out... Last night, people once again said that it was fine to have a woman in the senate or as a representative. But when it came down to electing a woman as their actual leader, that they just couldn't do it. I heard so many people say th

NNO Photos

Every year, at National Night Out, we get our photo strip taken at the old-time photo booth. The other nigh the event was really winding down, but we still got it done. In the first photo, Beatrix looks a lot like me. In the third, she looks much more like Patrick. Love the mixing of our genes.


So while Patrick worked 2 shows, I loaded up Beatrix and went Fringe-ing. I was afraid we would not get a chance to go this year, but everything fell in place to go today, and it was perfect. We started at the new-this-yer "Family Fringe," though I would argue that most Fringe shows are family-friendly. Our friends (we originally met them when they billeted with us several years ago for their first Fringe)  The Fourth Wall were performing Fruit Flies Like a Banana  . They are WONDERFUL. I'm probably biased, but read Matthew Everett's review . Then, if you see nothing else this Fringe, make a point to check them out at the FamilY fringe, and maybe hit CanCan Wonderland or Flanneljax afterwards. 5 stars, for sure. The next show, Not Fair, My Lady , was produced by my friend Colleen and so I've enjoyed watching the development process of this strong, feminist, "trample the patriarchy" piece. Go see it, and then you will realize how incredibly ironic it

Grateful (Again)

People I am extraordinarily grateful for right now: -  The several people who have sent me notes (by mail) saying they are thinking of me. -  Our friends Kate and Baxter and Kiernan, who had Beatrix overnight so we could get some work done and rest (and some time to weed the garden this morning). -  Our friends Linda and Kim, who made us delicious food and flowers and kept Beatrix entertained all day Friday and Saturday. -  Our friend Marta, who made delicious tacos that taught Beatrix to love them (I need that recipe!) -  Having a lot of fun auditioning for Leah and Alan yesterday. -  My friend Kim (different Kim - apparently Kims are good people!), who is getting my dad's end-of-life legal affairs in order. -  Katie and Stephanie who provided playdates for Beatrix that allowed us to get other things done. -  Laura who took a big batch of leftover clothes from a clothing exchange to Goodwill. -  People that join us at pool parties! I can't tell you how much all the

Wedding Unboxing

My beautiful, thoughtful, amazing sister-in-law is getting married in December to her rogue-ish handsome prince, and Beatrix and I are both in the wedding! Last week, she sent us gorgeous wedding themed gift boxes. Here's Beatrix unboxing: Each one was carefully wrapped: And personalized just for us: Beatrix will be a "Glitter Girl" (we might not want to mention these plans to the venue's cleaning staff....) Because my SIL is lovely, she took the time to thank each of us for being part of the wedding A box full of glitter! Beatrix wants to know if she can wear the tiara with her dress: Our boxes together! We are sooooooo excited to celebrate with Patrice and Rob!