So in theory I love the idea of "101 things in 1,001 Days":

Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning (while nursing, natch!) I looked over some other lists and got all excited. How inspiring! These people were doing all these great things, and some were organized by theme, and so many of them were things that I wanted to do and would make me a better person. When could I start MY list? What would I put on it?

Bump. Back to earth.

What I realized is that my lists serve as a sort of gentle nag for me. They allow me to put down all kinds of things, and get them out of my head and make them actionable. Like everyone else, I love to cross things off of them. My fantasy is to someday have my list starting "To Do" — and then a blank page, because for once, I would have caught up with everything.

Patrick sagely points out that that is Not Gonna Happen.

So a list like "101 Things" would just serve to nag me. I would be rushing to get through the things, and not appreciating them or spending time on the here and now, which sort of defeats the purpose.

Maybe it's adaptable, something like "101 Great Things I Have Done in 1,001 Days."


Leah said…
I think the idea of "101 great things I have done" is a fantastic one. Think of all the achievements and accomplishments! Your beautiful daughter is at the top of the list, of course, but I can think of quite a few other things to add. :)
RobbieKay said…
I remember a couple times in college when I was able to get everything crossed off my To Do List (I didn't keep all my homework assignments on my TDL). Sigh. Those were the days...

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