Fancy Food

So normally we shop at the co-op, or Rainbow, or Costco or Trader Joe's if we are feeling up to it.  But tonight I had a $25 gift certificate and a $20 off $100 coupon for Byerley's, so we hit the store where the elite go to eat.

We had so much fun!  We picked up tons of things we would not normally get — peach salsa, frozen gourmet soups, an artichoke sauce for pasta and dips, low-cal Izze soda.  We also got a lot of great fruit, and some especially delicious salads for Saturday Night TV Dinner.  Beatrix thought any grocery store where she could have her bottle while cruising down the aisles was a keeper.  Did you know Lunds/Byerley's will sharpen your knives for free (though not while-you-wait)?  And it sure was nice to have everything carried out to the car.

On the way back we passed the new Sonic, which actually needed a police officer to direct traffic.  Uh, guys?  It's just fast food...

We definitely got the better end of the deal!


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