Things Are Coming Together — I Think It's the New President

I've read so very many inspiring things about Obama's election that I am not going to even try to sum up my feelings here. Despite Patrick being unfortunately ill that evening, Election Night was one of the most wonderful days of the recent past for me. I feel so infused with hope.

On a personal note, I feel honestly that I can tell Beatrix that she can be anything she wants to be and do anything she wants to do, that there are no barriers to her except the ones that she places.

On an even more personal note, things are coming together well on the home front too, and that feels hopeful as well. We met with Beatrix's cardiologist for four hours earlier this week, who admits that Beatrix is a conundrum; she even presented on her case to a conference and everyone was very divided between those who said "Do open heart surgery NOW!" and those who said to wait it out. So our current plan is to bulk her up with fortified milk, try to get everyone more sleep, and monitor her really closely between the doctor and the cardiologist. It feels really good to have our concerns taken seriously, but also to be told not to worry too much.

Since then we have now had 3 nights in a row where we do some CIO and only feed her at about midnight, 2 am, and 5 am. 3x a night is down from 6-8x, and feels heavenly. It has the added bonus of her (so far) going back to sleep at 5am and sleeping in later instead of getting up, and longer naps. I really think she needed more sleep than she was getting. Her mood is so much more wonderful (as is ours)!

Plus I think we have found new childcare — a stay-at-home-mom with a very sweet toddler son. He and Beatrix seemed to get on well, and I really liked the mom. It's the more informal, family-like care that we have been looking for, and it just feels right.

Having those things taken care of (heart, sleep and daycare) are a huge weight off, and it really does feel like everything is turning up and getting better. Now, if I can just get our 122-year-old furnace to stay on; it goes on the fritz about this time every year and keeps on turning itself off, and the house is a chilly fifty-seven degrees! Hard to get much done when all I want to do is snuggle under the warm covers...


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