Body Work

Though I've been getting less cardio-vascular exercise than I should (and eating more cookies), I have been very pleaed with some of the exercise I have been getting.

In alter fall, I started going to pilates at The Sweatshop with my friend Katharine. I have taken pilates a lot of other places, but the place I keep on coming back to is The Sweatshop — somehow, the atmosphere and the levels there seem just right for me. I really enjoy it.

Today, Patrick and I took a Restorative Yoga class at Bliss Yoga. We had an about-to-expire pass from Living Social for 30 days of unlimited yoga, do decided to give it a try. It was lovely — a long (105 minute) class mostly focused on deepening poses and working your body. Not really athletic at all, but made me feel great; as much as I crave sleep lately, this was probably a more relaxing way to spend my time. I can hardly wait to go back for my next class!


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