What We Changed

First of all, for those dying to know, here't the list of people we funded and a link to some more information on the Tweet Small Change website:

Here are the ones we chose to receive micro-grants. We believe strongly in our support of each of these artists and look forward to seeing what $140.00 can do for them.
I've been asked a lot of questions on this, and I will likely say some more in the future. To answer a few of the top questions — this was entirely funded by Patrick and myself, because we believed strongly in it and wanted to make it happen and didn't mind eating ramen for awhile to save the cash. And yes, we are planning to do it again, but need to source some more viable funding options.

There was a great energy around the site for those 48 hours, and it gave me a great faith in what art can do.

It's simply one of the best things I have done, ever.


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