Chalk Paint and Closets

So, for a long time I have been wanting to experiment with chalk paint. I like the idea of not having to do a lot of surface prep, and when I walk into stores that feature furniture with it, they have so many cute things!

So finally I took the plunge and bought some paint at Belle Junque. It took me long enough to try it out on anything, but hey, the store is a one-weekend-a-month store, so it fits the theme!

I finally used it on an old wood table I had acquired years ago when the building where Punchinello Players had been at the U of M was torn down. The table had been sitting around unused for years, so I thought it was the perfect first project.

And here it is! It's not perfect; I had to get used to the paint texture, and maybe should not have picked two tones so close in color saturation. It looks a little like a Dumbo stool, but I think that's just inherent to the piece, no matter what. But all in all I am pretty happy with it; it was fun to do, and I look forward to a lot more chalk paint projects!


In other news, I took a closet organization class from my friend Sherry today (along with a few other wonderful ladies!) While I am not as much of a minimalist as Sherry is, I do know my closet needs some attention. And she was great, giving a lot of ideas about building your style, and how to sort through things in a conscious manner. She even had some tips for a "long-haul" sort, which may be a good option because the idea of dumping everything out and cleaning through it in one fell swoop really scare me.

(so ask me in a few weeks if I have cleaned anything out...)


I'm (as always) behind in work, so maybe I should not have spent the time to pay attention to these domestic items. Bu they gave me a great deal of pleasure and balance, which I find is sorely needed in my life. So I'm very glad I did.


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