Shelter Empty

I'm sooooo divided about this.

Minneapolis Animal Control had a "clear the shelter" event yesterday where they waived all adoption fees and all animals were adopted.

Now the pessimistic part of me knows that animals given away for free are at a miuch higher risk for being mistreated, used as bait dogs in dogflghting, and other horrible things.

Yet I am also told that this animal control division does a very good job of vetting potential owners. And it obviously worked to clear the shelter, making room for more animals in need and getting some animals into good, loving homes.

Saint Paul just changed to having a fine-free library, which has been extraordinarily successful. While I'm not equating accidentally dropping a book into a bathtub with animal mistreatment in terms of consequences, it does make me wonder about how many people are unable to use public services because the fees charged are just not possible for people who might otherwise make excellent use of them.

It makes me wonder if the shelter should consider some kind of sliding scale adoption fee policy, along with pet owner eduction and support (because we all know it's not just the fees, it's the vet bills and food and training and other things). I firmly feel that every family is better off with (at least one) pet.


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