Pinterest Mash-Up

For a long time, i've been looking for a new jewelry storage system. I had my necklaces tossed into a dresser drawer, and then my earrings hanging on an old, metal peacock shaped holder than was a little teenage for my taste. I had liked pictures I have seen online of earring holders that used a picture frame for that purpose — the earrings hung inside the frame on pieces of screen, or wire strung across, or even foamboard.

But then I saw one that used wine corks and I was like "THIS is it!" You probably know I love wine corks and am always looking for great ways to use them.

The only frame I had in the right dimensions, though, was basic balsa wood. I figured I would paint it, maybe glue on some buttons or something for interest.

Then, I was putting away things from our road trip and inspiration hit. I had loved an image on Pinterest that framed photos form a vacation and used a map for the mat. I could cover the frame with our Boston map! Which I did, and I think it looks great!

So, for a grand cost of $0 since I had all the materials on hand, I have a great new way to store my jewelry and stay organized (worth a fortune around here.) I do, however, still keep an antique teacup by my bed to store my watch and earrings when I forget to take them off before bedtime, which pretty much happens every night...


Annie said…
That is so cool! I functional piece of changing art - looks great in the room too!

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