An Irish Love Letter

May you get a chance to go to Ireland some day. It's one of the most beautiful, friendly countries on earth.

But if you do go, I especially hope you get a chance to go with friends like ours. People who put lots of thought into making you comfortable and have Lion bars waiting for you and who pick up Hobnobs at every opportunity.

Who take you to delicious dinners and somehow get a reservation and the posh place when the barbecue runs out of food you can eat.

Who take days to plan the perfect experiences for you. And who take you on expeditions — to the Cushendun Caves, Glengariff, Watertop Farms — where every experience is more fun than the last.

Who put up with your obsession with seeing Game of Thrones sites though you have never seen the show.

Who laugh with you as you go down tiny roads.

Who introduce you to their friends, who take you as you are just because you are friends of Siobhan's and are friendly and lovely to you and who you already miss terribly even though you barely know them.

Who take you to the pub at night. Every night.

Who understand why you can't stay away from the pull of the beach and looking for seaglass.

Who are so famous that they are stalked by an AirBnB film crew.

Who explore the wonders of Belfast with you on a double-decker bus.

Who are so open and generous and sharing that you feel that you have a home in Ireland, but that that home is in their hearts.

May your Ireland be the kind of Ireland the Freys shared with us. Because I can't think of anything better.


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