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This time of year, I end up seeing Lots and Lots and Lots of circus. Beatrix and I have already seen TWISTED several times (and Patrick has rigged every show), and we show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There are performances all next weekend with a few tickets left — you should see it too! It's a rollicking mash-up of fairy tales with some of the most intricate act pairings I've seen CJ do, and some incredible performances. You'll love it!

For something completely different tonight, after the show at CJ went up, I went to see Full Circle's performance of GLASS and LADY M running as part of the Fringe tonight. I love seeing shows at Dreamland Arts because it's such a cozy, lovely venue so close to my house. And I love everything I have seen at Full Circle. This piece, though, blew me away. The scripts were compelling, the direction outstanding, and the performances incredible. It's left me with a ton to think about. Because of our schedule right now it might be the only Fringe show I get a chance to see — and if I only had one, I'm glad it's this one. Go see it. I wan tot talk about it with you.

(photos from Circus Juventas and Full Circle media)


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