The Highland Bridgerton

(The post name is an homage to my friend Rochelle, who moved into the complex a few months ago — I love her tongue in cheek reference to her new home!)

Last night, after dropping Beatrix off at circus, we went to check out the new Highland development. Like many Saint Paulites, I had never been on the Ford site before, and was amazed at how HUGE it is.

It had just gotten dark, but the park area was well lit, so we wandered around part of it for awhile. It's very pretty.

Maybe more pretty than practical. Some kids seemed to be enjoying hanging out on the big chairs, but the "swing chairs" we tried were downright uncomfortable. It was too dark to see a lot of the public art that I am sure is there. We did not check out the playground or skate park; the dog park seemed well-used but small.

We then went over to check out the new Lunds/Byerley's. I suppose we lost points because we did not park in the ramp that has people so up in arms (there was an easy spot right on the street by the door).

The store seemed fine, pretty much like any of the downtown stores, though we did not explore it too deeply (I might go back for the tacos though).

We headed up to the mezzanine level, which has a lot of buzz about having 30 taps (now if you could just pour one and carry it around the store). You present your ID, then get a wristband, filling your own glass and paying by the ounce.

It's a good concept, but somewhat lacking in execution. First of all, 30 taps is not that many when you realize that several are wine, a few more seltzer, and 3 of the beer taps were out. Then they waste lines on Hamm's and some other mediocre beers. So the selection was not honestly very overwhelming.

Secondly, you tap your wristband and pour in one draw. There's no pouring in small amounts to let the head settle, unless you purchase a few ounces, then wait, then redraw, which seems like kind of a PITA. I suppose the advantage is that you could mix beers together...

The outdoor seating area was nice, especially if you get a table with a view. I think it would be a nice place to get together a group of friends who all like different kinds of drinks.

Though most of it honestly feels like it is tucked in an airshaft (the HVAC noises don't help) overlooking a car park.

Hours are limited (3pm to 8pm, opens at 11 on weekends, I'm telling you now because they are not posted anywhere), withe the last wristbands given out at 7:30. They REALLY want you out by 8:00; they were cleaning the tables around us and packing up by 7:45. You can bring in food from the grocery store, or they have a limited menu up there (though food seems to cut off by 7:00)

All in all, Patrick and I are giving it kind of a "meh" review, but hey, it just opened and might get better! 


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