So the thing about social media is that it's a curated take on what people want you to see. You all see my lovely pictures of cocktails, and Beatrix looking charming and like she wants to spend time with her family time, or my handsome husband, or cute animals, or fun things we do. We look like we have it all together. Ha ha.

See, like this:

You don't see when I spend $20 on a highly recommended grout cleaner and an hour treating grout only to have it look like this (left is before, right is after):

You can feel free to tell me if you see a difference, because I don't.

You don't see when we come to an impasse on Beatrix's "playroom" and her cleaning it out, so I just do it (this is after I had started cleaning):

This is after several hours of work (and as you can see there's plenty to go):

You don't see when I stay up late night after night trying to catch up and not making it. Or when I fail to be there for a friend, or let down my family. Or when I don't exercise or take care of myself. I think there are lots more of those than the triumphant posts I put up.

So let's normalize failing, and give each other a little grace when it happens, and remember to congratulate people all the more for the good posts they put up!


martine said…
hi, recent follower here, my partner sent me something from your blog and I added you to my list. I wrote about just this notion last year, ( that it is tempting to hide the messy bits of life, which makes everyone feel that everyone else's lives are not messy. No, definitely cant see any difference in the toilet floor:-)
thanks for sharing. Martine
Eric Walker said…
Yes! Everything you say is so true. Also, I don’t see the difference either ��

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