Fences (and not in the August Wilson way) - A Build Post

Patrick used to claim he was not handy, but we can for sure put that myth to rest.

Among the many amazing things he has done so far this year, he continued rebuilding the fence at Summit. Last year, in the Year That Cost a Lot of Money, he rebuilt a smaller section, but then basically the whole east side started collapsing (pooled water and fence posts are not your friends.)

He built this section to last, likely longer than we will, with both wood and metal posts. A couple of weeks ago, he even enlisted Beatrix's double trapeze partner to help out for the day. The project was able to re-use most of the cedar, only having to buy a few hundred dollars worth of new boards so saving a lot of money. And it looks great!

We also had our pool guy re-install the retractable cover on the pool, so we can prevent any more incidences of Brutus almost drowning.

I'm incredibly proud of my handy husband!


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