Camp DayCroix Family Night

This post likely needs a little preface. Sometimes, there are things that I want, above all else in the world, to share with my mom. At first, I kept those in a journal, but my life is more and more in this format. This isn't a witty post, or a review of anything, or a soapbox rant. It's simply something that's making me burst at the seams with joy, the kind of thing I would have — should be able to — tell my mom about. So it's here instead.


Beatrix has attended Camp DayCroix for almost 3 weeks now, but tonight was the first Family Night we could attend. She was thrilled when we got there, skipping ahead of us in the field, taking us to the garden to see things, feeding the goats and the bunnies, showing us all around. She was adorable performing "I Caught a Little Baby Bumble Bee" in her group skit. And it was wonderful to see how at home she was in this homey, open space, with gardens and a sand/water place and horses and an art barn and an open pavilion for eating and trees and woods and grass. It's everything camp should be, complete with the counselors with goofy camp names and skits and songs and bug bites.

But the amazing thing was, that as she skipped ahead of us, kids of all ages would say "Hi Beatrix!" As one dad said, "We hear that name a lot in our house right now!"

But even more so, every single counselor stopped us, and pulled us aside, and told us how much they loved Beatrix. One showed us a picture of Beatrix sitting in her backpack (so she could take Beatrix home, she teased). Another marveled at how surprised he was that it was her first year, and how she was "taking the camp by storm." Literally, every single counselor made a special point of telling us how great she was.

I am so very proud of my girl. I love how she goes into new situations and makes friends right away. I love how she interacts with those younger and older than her. I see this, and know it's special, and it's perhaps the thing I am proudest about for her. But to see it so clearly tonight, said by people who have grown to know and love her already too, makes me unbelievably happy and kind of giddy.


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