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If you know me well, you will know how much I miss the dearly-departed Zander restaurant. This walk-to-able, chef-driven restaurant was my can't of wrong happy place of food right until it closed. We even ate there the night we got married.

So you know I mean it when I tell you that I feel that Sanctuary is really that kind of place — where the food is amazing, but not the sort of place you only save for a special occasion. In fact, Mon-Th are the best nights to go, because they have an amazing tasting menu!

We went last week, and it was for a special occasion — our 8th anniversary. And I knew it would be awesome because we were seated next to a show poster from the first professional theatre I worked for — the Cricket!

We each had the tasting menu, starting with…

a lovely salmon with goat cheese and berry (and some champagne, after all, it was our anniversary!) They also provided some spiced nuts and a delicious hummus, I think of sweet peas? You would think I would know, since I literally ate it with a spoon so not to miss any.

Patrick did the wine tasting flight, and I did the cocktail flight (note, win!) The salmon came with a Thai concoction:

Then a salad course, kind of an updated Mad-Men-esque wedge, so delicious! Paired with a rose champagne cocktail.

Main course. Patrick had a sweet-savory ham and waffle kind of thing (made his Louisiana heart dance), while they subbed for non-red-meat-eating me … I kid you not …  a lobster bolognaise. It was mouth-meltingly amazing.

I may have committed the ultimate sin and lost rack of the cocktail by now, maybe a negroni?

A cheese course:

And then the perfect little chocolate dessert, paired with some Alexis Bailly chocolate port for him and coffee for me. I honestly don't eat as many desserts anymore, preferring to focus on savories (and cocktails!), but this was such a great mix of flavors:

Plus the service was incredible, from the owner to the busy bartender to our waitress. Truly top notch.

I hate to even write about this, because I don't want to share my secret. But you deserve to know about it. So GO, as fast as you can! (I'll even meet you there, for a drink on that lovely patio, if I can get a sitter).

(and Happy Anniversary, honey!)


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