In Which I Become a Librarian

I have loved the Little Free Libraries since my friend KD became an early adopter of the trend several years ago. Often when Beatrix and I have some free time, we will go on a LFL hunt and refill them, and I was very jealous when my friend Tracy blogged about hers last month. I love the community-building aspect of them (and of course I love free books…)

Last night, we celebrated our 8th anniversary. I went to grab Beatrix at the camp bus stop, and then headed home, to find THIS on my front porch:

I was stunned. Patrick, along with our friend Jason, had spent the last several days building the most incredible LFL ever. See how it matches our house? The cedar shakes? You can't see the sides, but it has siding from our house. This library is built like a tank!

It's all the more amazing because Patrick is not naturally a handyman. He does not normally build or fix things just for fun, and he has taught me the wisdom of hiring things out. But he wanted to do this for me, and enlisted our awesome friend Jason (who has been a touchstone friend for the last 20 years) to coach him through it. I am in awe of the love and consideration that this library means.

We still have to paint and install it (it's heavy). But in the next few weeks, come and get some books!

ETA: Patrick describes the process here.


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