What's Next?

This started as a Facebook post, but I've been asked to put it here too:

I get it. We all knew the Senate impeachment trial was a sham, but we still really could not believe it would actually proceed without witnesses, and we were all playing the "You Don't Have the Votes" section of "Cabinet Battle #1" when McConnell pretended not to have the votes to block them.
But honestly, deep inside we all know that if Mother Theresa had risen from the dead with video of T*ump literally sitting on a missile and saying "Nanny nanny fu fu" to Ukraine, it would not have mattered.
So we can all take through this morning's coffee to feel mad and cheated and angry and frustrated and mourn the death of democracy.
But after that, the sun is out today. We need to work in the 2020 election not only to make sure we have a new president, but also to overturn the Senate. And we have to root this kind of corruption out at the core. 
We need to run and support candidates and make our voices heard at every level, from school board on up. We need to do the hard work of educating ourselves and holding people accountable at all levels.
We need to do this work while we have 1,000 other things clamoring for our time and we just want a break (and sometimes, we need to give ourselves permission to just take that break.)
But the good news is, for the majority of you who have taken time to read this, we're GenX. If there's one thing we know how to do, it's to clean up a mess and take charge of things when no one else will.
Let's do it.


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