Brutus on Brewpubs - Lake Monster

So Lake Monster Brewing has long had a special place in our hearts. It's right across the courtyard from FilmNorth. It's the home for our "church," Yoga and a Pint. They are generous with community functions, and the vibe is great.

Last year they got dog-certified, and Brutus likes it too.

That made it especially great for me to come here for work get-togethers when I was nervous about meeting people. Brutus makes an excellent wingman.

A few weeks back, LM had a dispute with Goodwill, who had provided some couches in exchange for advertising. Goodwill claimed the ads were not visible (which is totally untrue because I used to move the table tent over every week so I would not spill chex mix on it after yoga). So the owners went out and got 3 big comfy couches and a ton of chairs. It feels like the Friends coffeeshop, but with booze. It's great.

And when we come we get to see Joe, one of the best taproom managers you'll ever meet.

Lake Monster. 5/5 from both Brutus and his owners. We'll meet you here anytime. We're here until at least 6 right now, working and waiting to see if more candidates drop out.


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