On Politics

I don't often post on politics here. The internet is a terrible way to try to understand someone's position, much less change it of that's your goal. But I am writing this now, mostly as a reminder to myself.

I'm using the same one-day rule I give Beatrix when she is disappointed in something.You have one day to storm about how it is not fair, and to feel bad, and to blame the people who voted for someone else (but quietly and to yourself please), and to think the whole thing is rigged and stupid. Heck, if you want to take today to go deep into Russian conspiracy theories about were MN polls rigged because the DMV also went down statewide all day yesterday, I'm right there behind you.

And then tomorrow you have to something about it. Did my Facebook post yesterday irk you because you thought I was ignoring fundamental inequities in systems where poll lines are long and there are too few voting stations? Work on that. (For the record, I agree with you; I was trying to address those who needed that little push to do something slightly inconvenient, but in the end would only push things by a few minutes — and I heard from 2 people for which that was the case, so I'm happy).

Do you think the whole Minnesota primary system was stupid and you would rather go back to post-it caucuses? You have a valid point there, too — work on that.

Do you want to see more diversity in a disappointing field? Gash, that's a big one. And you might have to start at a really basic level on that one. But I would bet there's a Girl Scout troop who could really use your help.

And maybe you don't do that in a traditional way. Maybe you take one of the seasonal census jobs because you need some extra money and you want to be sure people are counted. Maybe you work harder on something that has not political ramifications at all, but you want to be sure that our society includes these values — and so you double down in arts involvement, or ECFE.

But for today, you have my permission (not that you need it) to eat as much ice cream as you want and listen to some Morrissey.

I'll see you tomorrow.


bethanyg said…
Gah. I posted this, and then realized that today is March 4th, my favorite day of the year because it's a command.

Maybe I have the morning to eat ice cream and then have tp pull myself out of it by noon?

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