Yum Yumi

So why do we get all these date nights, you may ask.

On Fridays, Beatrix has circus from 5-8:15. It's generally long enough for a dinner date or drinks. And this is tech week for her musical (Dear Edwina at SPA, plays Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, it will be adorable!), so we get to hit extra happy hours!

Tonight, we decided to try Yumi, on Selby in the old Fabulous Ferns (RIP) site. As we walked in, we appreciated how the space had been opened up and cleared out, with bright surfaces and nary a hint of the old cigarette smell (even after the smoking ban, Ferns always smelled like smoke. It used to be so bad I would come home and undress in the hallway and put my clothes in a  plastic bag. But those times are past).

We were immediately seated at a cozy little table.

The happy hour menu does not seem to be find-able online but it's pretty good (only runs form 4-5 and 9-10pm). It's one of those blanket ones where all the beer and wine are $1 or so off, so we started off with some Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue. Soooo good. Thank you Mike Swanson for teaching me about that beer.

We each ordered a tempura, and 2 rolls (dynamite and California) to share, all from the happy hour menu.

I kid you not, we left stuffed and with a couple of to-go boxes. Everything was very fresh and great tasting, and the server could not have been nicer.

There were a few people there but not too many, and I would love to get a crowd of our "usual suspects" there some night. I'm not sure it will ever be the neighborhood gathering spot that Ferns was in its heyday, but it's a nice alternative.

I've not been out for Japanese food in awhile (unless you count the bento box at Crave, which I do not). I might have to hit Saji-Ya very soon to compare, but all in all, I think Yumi is a nice addition to the neighborhood!


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