When We Get Through This

Governor Walz's brilliant State of the State speech tonight talked about how much better and stronger we'll be once we come out on the other side of the COVID-19 crisis.

When we get through this (assuming I'm still alive):

-  I will never put off that drink with a friend (looking at you, Dan Smith) because I am too busy, because lord knows when it will be able to happen.

-  I will, in general, see friends and family more.

-  I'll have dinner parties.

-  I will be better at making cocktails, but will still go out for them all the time.

-  I will take advantage of every opportunity I have to travel.

-  We will make pool parties all the more awesome.

-  I will joyously support small businesses (and especially restaurants) and recognize them for what they do for our community.

-  I will probably hire that housecleaner I've bene meaning to, because I like having a clean house.

-  I will probably be more lenient on Beatrix spending time with friends, even when it's a PITA.

-  I will attend Yoga and a Pint more frequently.

-  I'll try not to let little things bother me so much.

-  I hope I still take the dogs for walks.

-  I will go to even more arts events.

-  I will continue to communicate better with non-local friends.

-  I will cherish my home even more for the comfort it provides me.

-  I will work tirelessly to help my clients rebuild.

-  I will remember what true leadership looks like and will take that memory to the ballot box.

-  I will be easier on myself, while pushing myself more.


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