Make Us an Offer We Can't Refuse

So today we did something that may seem crazy. We took a couple of hours that we really don't have – time we could have spent working, or on a date (maybe finally seeing Downton Abbey), or out for a drink with one of YOU reading this – and spent it cleaning the house at 41st and Sheridan. Not deep cleaning, but at least vacuuming and dusting and generally making somewhat presentable.

It seems nuts to do that, you say – after all, it's just likely to be demo'd. Who cares how clean it is inside?

But that's just the thing. I still feel a pretty strong amount of guilt about the things I did not do to make this house better earlier. I want this house to know it was loved and cared about, and that we're sorry that not more was done earlier to take care of it. Yes, it's just going to be torn down. But it should go with some amount of dignity.

The house is empty, and will go on the market pretty soon (and I mean it when I say this is your big chance to get on it before then if you want to redevelop the site). Soon, it won't be there anymore. So a few hours to make it a little better just seemed like the right thing to do.


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