Tradition, Tradition, New

We started today with our favorite "fall is here" tradition — a brunch event watching the Twin Cities Marathon. My friend Judy owned a house on Summit one mile form the finish line, and always held a Marathon party. One of my earliest memories from living in my neighborhood was attending and watching Paul Wellstone hand out cups of water to the runners. They would stop, amazed that their senator was handing out water, and he would wave them on saying "Go! Go! You're so close to the end!"

When Judy passed on her son David and his wife Amber took over the house and the party. Those two do that home's traction so proud. The Marathon party is a great chance to get together with friends, to be outside on a beautiful day, and to get teary watching amazing runners do their best. I'm pretty sure Patrick married me because of the Marathon parties.

After  quick stop at my friend Bethany's clothing exchange, we headed out to the open house at Warner Nature Center. Beatrix has attended camp there since she was 5, and we have loved it because of the mix of science and the outdoors. But she always has taken theban from the Science Museum there, and so we have never set foot on the site. We went today, and I almost wish we hadn't.

You see, Warner is closing at the end of 2019 due to losing its funding. And to see Beatrix there, so at home in that space, made me realize how much of a loss it would be. We hiked around the grounds, looked out over the lake, investigated pond animals, checked out the apiary, saw the various raptors, ate pie and ice cream, made maple coins, jumped at the jumping wall, and Beatrix banded a bird and let it go. It was a beautiful, magical afternoon.

I've worked at non-profits all my life, and I get funding issues. But to lose this special place, with almost no warning, is hitting me hard in the gut.

While Beatrix was at Girl Scouts, we checked out the new Stacked Deck brewery in downtown Saint Paul, which was deserted but delicious. Patrick especially enjoyed the Killer Bee (honeyed) triple IPA. We'll for sure be back — meet us there?

We ended the night by going out with to Punch with our friend Lara and her daughter Eleanor after girl scouts — also delicious.

Happy fall!


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