In Hot Water

One reason I love our old homes is that I love creating lovely spaces for people to gather. My favorite home improvement yet is when we redid our dining room to match our china.

But sometimes, home improvements are less exciting. Like when you are up at the cabin for the weekend and your father-in-law, who is housesitting, calls to say that the water heater has failed and has leaked all over the basement floor.

That water heater was the first thing we put in when we bought the house. It's 28 years old. Sigh.

Getting a new water heater involved endless amounts of research — regular vs. tankless, power boost, etc. It also took time. Luckily we don't shower much and had another place to go to.

So today we finally got the new one put in. Your basic "forty shorty."

It was, admittedly, not my favorite way to spend $1,000 unexpectedly. But having hot water again is really nice.


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