Tree Pose

Today I was given a 10' serviceberry tree that a friend of a friend had removed from their (beautiful) yard. I'm worried about our nanny berry, which is not doing well this year after the evil neighbors cut off some branches extending over their yard. And the same neighbors have a camera pointing at our pool, which I have long wanted to block.

Luckily, I just had to drive a few blocks — slowly — with a 10' tree sticking out of my car. I then managed to get it planted, even though I truly suck at digging holes. Hopefully with some water and love it will settle in nicely. I love having  a job where, even though I was assembling board books at midnight last night, I can take an hour out in the middle fo the day to plant a tree.

I still want to do some major rethinking of the garden space at Summit. Something just does not work for me. I want more space for gathering, and twinkly lights, and more flowers. But I'm crap at garden design.

But maybe it starts with a tree.


Six said…
Give me a decent part of an afternoon, a shovel and some chalk paint and we can do this. It’s all about prep work...
I take it that negotiations with the “Fat Boys” didn’t go well after the great magnolia execution of past.
I will send you my proposal sometime tomorrow. I’m a fierce negotiator.
Stephanie said…
Lovely addition! Let's talk garden design!!!

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