Anyone who knows my sister-in-law, Patrice, knows how much she adores her New Orleans porch. But you might not know how long I have coveted a good, Southern-style porch as well, though it's been a slow build to it.

I've had the furniture for awhile, and got the rug (courtesy of the neighborhood BST board) last year. There's a (perhaps too-bright) chandelier out there, and I just string the little basket lights. But the piece de resistance, which I just made and strung up during a rain squall, is the sheer curtain made from a roll of fabric I found at my dad's, which hides the neighbor's weedy yard and the big air conditioning unit.

It's not perfect yet. I would like some big floppy Boston ferns, or maybe something bright, in the planter. Some pillows might be good too. But in general I love it, and can hardly wait to hang out and read on the porch with a cocktail!


ETA:  Added some fun details, it's coming along!


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