Brutus on Brewpubs - Return to Insight!

All winter the Insight patio has been closed, so we've been doing growlers on Mondays (best deal in town, $10 for a growler! Though you need an Insight growler or a stainless.)

But today it is 83 degrees! And I just reactivated Crafttapped! So we headed out for a drink and a growler! They were THRILLED to see Brutus.

We had a side table, and so Brutus could not see people as well if he was not sitting on the table.

We had the new Hop Drops (compared American to New England, the NE was very grapefruit-toned, yum!) Then a Hop Spin growler to go. Delicious. I'll meet you there anytime, especially 2 weeks after my 2nd jab tomorrow.


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