Tiny Vacations - Northfield

You can't get much more mini of a mini-vacation than going to where Patrick used to go to work everyday. Still, going anywhere *real* seems so far away, and so tonight we headed down to Northfield.

I had managed to nab one of Loon Liquors three small private tents:

We got there a little early so got to hit a few thrift stores. Then headed over to the distillery, where they greeted us with some lovely small shots (including an NA apple soda for Beatrix).

We ordered some delicious drinks (yes, mine was called "Who is Lady Whistledown?"):

Snuggled into our tent and had a picnic dinner.

Tried a few more samples of various liquors (including a gin-off), talked to the owner for quite some time, ordered another round of drinks.

Discussed the state of alcohol regulation in Minnesota (sigh), bought a bottle of gin and one of aquavit, and headed home to spend some time in the hot tub.

I love Minnesota's small distilleries and taprooms (and wineries!) and will fight to the death for them!


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